University of Cape Town (UCT) Tuition fees for 2023

University of Cape Town (UCT) publishes a booklet, which is updated every year, giving the fee for each academic course an accommodation in different types of student housing.
The University uses a course-based fee structure. The fee booklet, together with the relevant Faculty handbook, will enable students to calculate the cost of their academic studies at UCT.

Tution Fees

The table below lists fees for a “typical” first year undergraduate degree programme for South African applicants in 2023.

  • Bachelor of Commerce – between R69,120 and R88,910
  • Bachelor of Business Science – between R70,860 and R88,910
  • Bachelor of Business Science Actuarial Science – R88,910
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies – R74,490
  • Bachelor of Science (Construction Studies) – R72,300
  • Bachelor of Science (Property Studies) – R74,640
  • Bachelor of Science (Geomatics) – R64,000
  • Bachelor of Science (Engineering) – between R73,140 and R75,480
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) – R93,210
  • Bachelor of Science (Audiology) – R78,850
  • Bachelor of Science (Speech-Language Pathology) – R79,540
  • Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) – R72,610
  • Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) – R68,940
  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Science – R64,880
  • Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) – R72,360
  • Bachelor of Music – R64 540 – R64,410
  • Bachelor of Music Education – between R64,700 and R68,800
  • Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Performance) – R91,040
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) – R66,010
  • Bachelor of Science – R71,000

Residence and Meal Costs

The average charge for a single room in a first-tier residence is R69,390. If the meal option of 3 meals each day is added, the charge is R98,700.

Students have a choice of four meal options. The cost of the meal option is not included in the residence fee. The chosen meal option must be added to the residence fee.

**Fees listed are subject to confirmation with the institution.

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